Drop Bags & Pacer Pick Up


Please mark aid station bags with the aid station name and your race number clearly.  Aid Station personnel will use the numbers on the bags to organize them so you can find your bag when you need it.

Please also be sure to include your name on your drop bag tag. Your name is essential so that if your crew members go to an aid station to pick up your bag after you have no further need of it at that location; they retrieve YOUR bag and not one with a similar number.

All bags will be returned to Lock 3 after the aid station has closed.


A runner may have a pacer at the Canalway Exploration Center at mile 66.43.  Pacers must first check in at the Canalway Exploration Center aid station to let us know what runner you will be pacing.  You will also be asked to sign a waiver.

REFUND POLICY:                  No Refunds

TRANSFER POLICY:              No Transfers