“The Canal Corridor 100 was my first 100 mile race. I live in Akron & run on the Ohio & Erie Canalway trail all the time so this made me excited to be able to complete this challenge close to home on a trail I love. The race was  wonderful! The race staff & volunteers were friendly & caring. The details were organized very well & the start & finish at Lock 3 is ideal thanks to access to pre & post race amenities like indoor restrooms. I will definitely consider running this one again!”
– Pam McGowan

“The CC100 was my first attempt at an ultra distance race. I came into the race very unprepared from a training standpoint without a lot of expectations of myself. There was a lot of information given out on social media in the weeks going into the race and a lot of fun talking and discussions from the race staff and the runners. This drove a level of excitement for me going into the race. The staff was great at check in. They quickly gave me everything I needed and answered my questions. The race itself was just amazing and the race volunteers at the aid stations were second to none. One volunteer even gave me the shirt off his back when it started to get cold as I didn’t have anything warm with me until the next aid station 12 miles away. You would have never known this was a first year event. Everything ran smooth and everyone involved made this a great experience. Hats off to each and every person who helped with this race. I don’t earn that buckle, which was amazing by the way, without each and everyone of you. Post race has not been a let down either. Pictures and results were posted to social media so quick after the finish of the race. Best I’ve seen from any race I have ran.
So Thank You CC100. I look forward to participating in some capacity next year.”
– Brian Scipione, Sagamore Hills, OH